Steam Generation and Distribution

We have worked on projects of Steam Generation and Distribution Systems (Both IBR and NON IBR systems) for Hospitals, Hotels, Laundries, Educational Facilities and Industry.

For each project, maximum utilisation of steam is carried out so as the system remains cost effective, at the same time decreasing the payback period of the same. Our systems are installed with CONDENSATE RECOV- ERY SYSTEM which recovers the maximum heat lost due to condensation during transmission throughout the piping network and routes it to aid any other hot water requirement. This in-turn also increases the machine effi- ciency since the machine gets 90% dry steam once condensate is removed. Contact us to visit one of our previ- ous various sites to view the system.

Contact us to visit one of the various sites to view the system.

Hot Water Generation and Distribution system

We have been pioneers of hot water systems for around three decades now.

We instal Hot Water Generators for Hotels, Hospitals, Colleges, Guest Houses and Industry as well. These sys- tems are installed with full automation to expend minimum energy and get maximum output

Hot water Generators can also be coupled Solar Water heaters and placed in complete automation, providing 24X7 hot water at the same time reducing the operational costs.

We also instal residential water heating solutions (Electrical/HSD Fired/Gas Fired) which are designed specifical- ly to suit your requirements.

Fire Hydrant and sprinkler system

We Design, supply, install, test, and commission the Fire Fighting system for any area while following NBC (Na- tional Building Code) for firefighting. We have installed these systems for Hotels, Hospitals, IT Buildings, Educa- tional Institutes etc.

We pride ourselves in strictly following the NBC and maintaining highest quality standards, using automatic pipe thread cutting machines which are highly portable and accurate.

For Malls, Hotels, IT Buildings and Hospitals with different ceiling heights requirement, or in case the space needs to be leased out, we provide a quick-fix solution for Pendant Type Sprinkler connection using flexible hose (1 Meter long) along with installation of Fire Hydrants.

We also carry out Fire Fighting for Electrical Rooms and Substations.

These systems, also known as Clean Agent Systems, are widely used where the environment doesn’t need te- dious cleaning after the extinguishment of fire like in Computer Rooms, Control Rooms, Record Rooms, Li- braries, Electrical Hazard Spaces such as Switchgear Rooms, Substations, Battery Rooms etc.

DG Low Side Works

We Design, Supply & Install DG Exhaust Systems with complete structural design/fabrication, piping and related accessories like expansion bellows, silencers etc.

We also Fabricate and Install self-supporting structures and chimneys for exhaust of flue gases.

Cooling Tower and Cooling Water Pipelines

Wherever DG sets are not Radiation cooled we supply and install Cooling Towers, complete with piping, to run DG sets on heat exchanger cooling system.

In Industrial Applications as well as in Hotels and Hospitals, we have installed cooling towers for their respective application.

Fuel Oil Storage and Handling System

We have completed over 300 projects of HSD Storage and Distribution for various clients ranging from Hospi- tals, Hotels, Housing Facilities, Industry, Educational Facility and many IT Buildings. We are the pioneers in this field and have developed an automated system refined over a period of 30 Years. Our fabricated storage tanks are manufactured at our own sister concern facility for which we arrange client visits for testing (Hydro/Pneumat- ic). We supply and install HSD/Fuel Oil/Furnace Oil Storage Systems of varying capacity,

We instal fuel oil storage tanks ranging from 1000 Litres to 2,00,000 Litres, underground and above ground stor- age tanks, designed according to customer requirements

Coupled with the storage tank we also install fuel delivery system from the storage yard till the usage point in complete automation.

For DG sets we carry out fuel (HSD) delivery system from Underground/Above ground storage tank to buffer tank, from buffer tank to day oil tank and from day oil tank to DG set. This system is coupled with an overflow and a drain system too.

We also provide liaison services for licensing from the Electrical as well as Explosives Authorities. Please check our Online Gallery for actual site images.

Utilities Piping

We carry out turnkey project for industry setup and provide extensive utilities piping for assembly lines and ser- vice areas.

From Low Pressure Piping to High Pressure Piping of all utilities including explosive utilities like LPG, Oxygen etc. are carried out by us

Please check out our Gallery for Utility piping actual site images


We Design and Supply/Install Gas storage and Distribution Network for Gases such as;

  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Refrigerant
  • Industrial purpose

These storage systems are designed and installed by us specifically engineered for your requirements, we have installed Gas banks for LPG/PNG in Hotels, Hospitals, Commercial Complexes, and Malls.

We have also designed Oxygen Nitrogen, Refrigerant and other gasses Gas banks for Industries.

Compressed Air Supply System

We Design and Install Pressurised Air Systems complete with Compressors and Air Receivers of required ca- pacity.

We have installed Compressed Air Supply systems for numerous clients.

Shop Fabrication

We carry out High quality Fabrication in MS(Mild Steel), SS(Stainless Steel), CS(Carbon Steel) with design pa- rameters supplied by customer or designed by us.

At our workshop we strictly follow ASME welding and structural design codes, and have high quality welders and fabricators carrying out fabrication. Our fabrication expertise includes;

  1. Steel structures(Load Bearing)
  2. Self-supporting Chimneys
  3. Heavy fabrication for Machine Equipment’s
  4. Storage tank fabrication
  5. Conveyor structural fabrication
  6. Chemical Reactors
  7. Agitators
  8. Pressure Vessels
  9. Oil Storage tanks
  10. Chemical Storage tanks
  11. Rubber Lined Storage Tanks
  12. Heavy Structural Fabrication
Structural Fabrication

High qualityFabrication in MS(Mild Steel), SS(Stainless Steel), CS(Carbon Steel) with design parameters supplied by customer or designed by us.

At our Workshop we follow ASME welding and structural design codes (strictly on specified projects), and have high quality welders and fabricators carrying out fabrication. Fabrication of

  • Steel structures(Load Bearing)
  • Self-supporting Chimneys
  • Heavy fabrication for Machine Equipment’s
  • Storage tank fabrication
  • Conveyor structural fabrication
  • Chemical Reactors
  • Agitators
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Oil Storage tanks
  • Chemical Storage tanks
  • Rubber Lined Storage Tanks
  • Heavy Structural Fabrication