Our Expertise

➡ Fire Protection Works

  • Pump Room, Equipment, Piping, FHC, Risers etc.
  • Fire Hydrant System.
  • Wet Riser System.
  • Sprinkler System(Upright/Pendant).
  • Fire Extinguishers.
  • Carbon dioxide flooring system, Fire Detection & Control system.

➡ HSD Storage and Distribution System

  • Storage tanks for HSD/LDO/FO
  • Oil transfer piping system
  • Oil heating and pumping units
  • Approval and Storage License from CCE, Nagpur including NOC from Local Authorities
  • Auto-Oil Feed System for DG

➡ LPG, PNG piping

  • LPG/PNG Gas Piping & Accessories
  • LPG/PNG Gas Bank(LOT, VOT)
  • IGL Operations NOC and Approvals

➡ Boilers

  • Supply of Thermax, Forbes or Olympia Boiler (IBR and NON-IBR)
  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Boilers
  • Modification, Reinstallation of Boilers
  • IBR Approval

➡ DG and Exhaust Piping

  • Supply of DG
  • Loading, Unloading, Shifting
  • Erection, Testing and Commissioning of DG with Exhaust Piping
  • Supply, Installation of Cooling Towers and Piping for DG
  • Electrical Approvals and NOC for Running DG sets

➡ INDUSTRIAL Process Piping

  • Piping for Steam, Compressed Air, Oil, Water, Nitrogen, Oxygen and LPG Supply Systems
  • Underground and Above Ground Piping
  • IBR & Non IBR Piping
  • All Kinds of M.S., S.S. & G.I. Piping

➡ Fabrication and Erection (M.S./S.S./C.S.)

  • Chemical Process Plants including Silo’s, Reactors, Mixers and Condensers
  • Storage Tanks
  • Chimneys and Flue Gas Ducting
  • Steel Structures for Sugar, Cement and Chemical Plants
  • Pressure Vessels